Home Remedies or Medical Treatment for Your Mole, Skin Tag, or Wart

Moles, skin tags, and warts are common skin lesions that can form at any age and on nearly any part of the body. Most moles, skin tags, and warts are benign (non-cancerous) and cause few issues. Depending on their size and location, these lesions can become painful to touch or movement as they rub against clothing, sheets, and towels. Many patients also have aesthetic concerns regarding their moles, skin tags, or warts and may choose to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

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Home Remedies vs Medical Treatment for Mole Removal in San Diego

In either case, there are several home remedies and treatment options depending on the size, shape, and location of the lesion. Doctors may recommend shaving or freezing the lesion, cauterizing it, or applying laser therapy. Cauterization, particularly, is a safe, effective removal option that reduces the risk of recurrence by destroying the lesion-causing cells both above and below the skin.

Some patients may elect to start with home remedies, which often includes topical creams and sprays such as Compound W or Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away. Although these products are available over-the-counter, they should not be used except under the direction of your doctor. Depending on the size and location of your lesion, these products may be ineffective or require multiple applications.

Some patients also make their own pastes or oils using natural ingredients. There is little-to-no research supporting these homemade solutions and they should not be considered an alternative to medical or over-the-counter interventions.


Which treatment method is right for me?

wart removal home remediesRegardless of whether you decide to try an over-the-counter product, home remedy, or a medical procedure for your mole, skin tag, or wart removal, you should always see your doctor for a complete examination of the lesion. Your doctor will help you decide which treatment is right for you. Home remedies should never be used as a replacement for actual medical advice.

Home remedies are generally more affordable, but less effective than surgical removal and there is a higher chance that the lesion will return. The most definitive, effective treatment is often surgical removal, which may cost more, but is almost always successful.

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