Mole Removal Scar Prevention

Most people get moles removed from their skin because they are simply located in an awkward place on their body. Some people may be required to get a mole removed because it is cancerous. Either way, a mole removal procedure could leave a scar behind if not taken care of properly. If you recently had a procedure that led to a mole removal scar, continue reading for more information about scar prevention.

Three factors determine whether scarring will be left behind after a mole removal procedure. These factors are the age of the patient, the area where the mole is located on their body, and the type of mole removal surgery they get done. Obviously, you’ll want to minimize the appearance of the scar as much as possible.

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It is very important to correctly treat the area where you had your mole removed in order to avoid scarring.

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The Mole Removal Process

Do not attempt to remove a mole on your own or else you will definitely scar yourself. Not only that, but you will likely cause an infection as well.

A single mole can be removed in just one visit to the doctor’s office. It will most likely be a dermatologist who performs the mole removal procedure. This could involve either a shave excision, a surgical excision procedure or Radiofrequency Procedure.

The best procedure for reducing or preventing scarring is the Radiofrequency Procedure because it does not cut deep into the skin. Instead, an electrosurgical feathering technique is performed. This technique helps blend the surrounding skin of where the mole was removed in order to make it look the same. That way, you don’t see hardly any scarring.

Other Tips to Avoid Scarring After Mole Removal

Mole Removal Scar Prevention Products

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about how to prevent mole removal scars! (858) 750-9312

Here are some important things to remember after you have had a Radiofrequency Mole Removal procedure. Make sure you call your doctor with any questions you may have. Having a good recovery is very important.

Below are some tips on how to treat your scarred skin area:

1) Do not expose the scarred skin to sunlight.

2) Do not stretch the scarred skin.

3) Clean the skin and keep it moist. Do not let it stay dry. Petroleum jelly is the best product for this.

4) Massage the scarred skin after it has healed with Biocorneum Silicon Based scar recovery gel.

5) Always wear sunscreen.

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