How Much Does Mole Removal Cost?

As with most medical procedures, mole removal is a dynamic process that requires your physician to make judgements based on your specific presentation. The size, shape, and location of moles varies from person to person and these factors may influence the mole removal cost. The presentation of your moles influence the decisions that your physician makes when determining how to remove it. Some moles may also present atypically and pose a risk of developing into cancer, which often requires more aggressive removal techniques.

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How much does mole removal cost?

Each of these factors varies by person and changes the complexity of your specific procedure. Generally the more complex the procedure, the higher the cost. This is why it is imperative that you see your doctor for a consultation before having a mole removed. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history, your symptoms, your treatment goals, and recommend a treatment that will be most effective for you. Once your doctor evaluates you and determines the complexity of your case, his office will provide you with an accurate estimate for your mole removal procedure.


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Does mole removal cost change if my mole is atypical or is potentially cancerous?

Most moles can be removed using radiofrequency cauterization, a procedure offered by Dr. Peter Mann at his La Jolla office. However, moles that are potentially cancerous or are atypical in size, shape, or location may require surgical excision to completely remove. In these cases, a biopsy may be performed and sent to pathology to be evaluated for cancer. The diagnosis and treatment of potentially cancerous moles is often covered by insurance as a medically-necessary procedure.


Can I use my insurance to cover the mole removal cost?

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Mole Removal: Before & After

Unfortunately, most moles are considered cosmetic issues and insurance will not usually cover their removal. Insurance can only be used in specific cases such as pre-cancer, cancer, or atypically symptomatic moles.

In the absence of these symptoms, mole removal is considered a cosmetic procedure for which patients pay out of pocket. The cost, again, varies depending on the complexity of your specific case, the number of moles that need removal, and other factors. The same goes for skin tag removal. Please contact our office if you have any more questions about mole removal cost or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Peter Mann.

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