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Mole Removal in El Centro, CA

Many people live with at least one mole on their face or body. It is a common cosmetic skin condition affecting people of all ages, genders, and races. Moles are skin growths of various shades, shapes, and colors. You may have raised or flat moles on your face or body that appear black, brown, tan, flesh-colored, purple, or pink. Some of them may even be oval or round too.

Mole growths are usually harmless cosmetic conditions. Only a small percentage of people develop cancerous mole growths due to excessive UV or sunlight exposure, hormonal imbalances, or genetics. But even if you do not have cancerous mole growths, they can still create an unsightly appearance on your face or body that you may not like or want. That alone is enough of a motivation to have the moles removed.

mole removal el centroThe natural pigment of the skin comes from skin cells called melanocyte cells. But if these cells begin growing in clumps or clusters, they will start forming moles due to over-pigmentation. It is the primary reason for non-cancerous mole growth. The best way to avoid this problem is to limit your sun exposure or at least apply SPF sunscreen to your face and other skin-exposed areas. Dermatologists and medical researchers are still not 100% knowledgeable about the exact cause of non-cancerous and cancerous mole growths or what fuels over-pigmentation of the skin. All they know is the risk of mole growth increases from sunlight exposure, hormones, and genetics. If you need mole removal in El Centro, give us a call to schedule your appointment: (858) 750-9312

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Mole Removal San Diego offers two primary mole removal treatments: surgical mole removal and shave or punch mole removal.

The shave or punch mole removal procedure is faster, cheaper, and simpler for less severe mole issues. The cosmetic surgeon will use a small blade or punch to remove the moles from the skin quickly.

The surgical mole removal procedure is reserved for removing larger and deeper moles, including potentially cancerous ones. The surgeon will administer a local anesthetic before the procedure to numb the skin area and reduce pain and discomfort. Then, the surgeon will begin the excision to remove the moles. After that, the surgeon will stitch up the skin site. A linear scar may be left behind but should clear up after a few months.

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Mole Removal San Diego offers professional and advanced mole removal services to patients in San Diego and as far away as El Centro. So if you live in El Centro, we encourage you to drive a few hours to our clinic in San Diego for an evaluation and consultation. If you need mole removal in El Centro, give us a call to schedule your appointment: (858) 750-9312

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