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We all look at ourselves in the mirror. For those of us who have moles, they can often be a source of discomfort and dissatisfaction. Usually the result of excessive UV ray exposure, aging, injury, or hormones, it is important that you and your doctor examine your moles to determine the extent of damage to your skin and if preventative treatments are necessary. Fortunately, you can visit Mole Removal San Diego and get your skin looking clean & clear. Let us remove your moles and other skin growths and get you feeling confident again!

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The number one goal that we have at Mole Removal San Diego is to treat your skin as effectively as possible in a comfortable and safe environment. All the removal treatments that we have for moles, scars, and skin tags are designed to be as minimally-invasive as possible. When it comes to removing scars, we will customize the treatment to accommodate your unique skin type, skin flaw size, and the appearance of the tissue. That way, we can lighten your scar as much as possible and perhaps even eliminate it entirely. Since all scars are different, the end result will depend on the specific attributes of your particular scar. At Mole Removal San Diego, the health of your skin is our passion, every moment of every day! We are here to help with the removal of your unsightly moles and other unsightly skin growths!

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As for skin tags, we have various methods for removing them. We can use cryosurgery technology to ablate the damaged tissue or we can use traditional surgical tools to excise them. When it comes to moles, you don’t have to rely on a standard surgery. There are new surgical methods for removing moles, including laser surgery, electrosurgery, and Radiosurgical Technology. No matter which removal procedure is performed, you will certainly see a positive difference afterward.

Mole Removal San Diego employs some of the newest and most advanced techniques for removing moles, lightening scars, removing a lipoma, and removing practically any other type of skin growth. If you notice a strange bump or mole on your skin and you want to get rid of it, contact us today to make an appointment with our specialist physician, Dr. Peter Mann.

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No matter what type of skin you have, chances are that you have a mole somewhere on your body. Fair skinned adults are the most likely to have moles on them. There is no telling where on the body that moles will form. Sometimes, moles will just appear flat on the skin while other times they will be a little bumpy. Moles also have different colors to them too. They could be colorless, tan, black, brown, or the same tone as your skin.

In most cases, a mole on your skin does not indicate a serious condition. However, just to be safe, you should have any new, changing, or uncomfortable growths examined by a doctor. If skin cancer runs in your family, then you want to be extra cautious if you have new, changing, or uncomfortable growth.

If your mole is not cancerous and is not causing you any health problems, should you still remove it? Most people would say “yes” because their mole causes them discomfort or embarrassment. Non-cancerous moles can also be annoying because they rub against the fabric of your clothes or itch on occasion. If you irritate a growth, it could bleed or leak other fluid.


Stephen A.

I'm very impressed with the procedure I had done at Dr. Mann's office. He and his staff were very attentive throughout the process, from check in to check out. I had one mole removed above my lip and it's healed wonderfully.

Stephen A.

Alicia A.

I have had moles behind my temple for as long as I can remember - haircuts have always been a pain!! I am happy to say that Dr. Mann was able to remove them quickly.

Alicia A.

Haru Z.

Glad I found Dr. Mann. Had a mole removed using a radiotherapy treatment. Scarring was minimal and it healed faster than the mole shave I had a few years ago.

Haru Z.

**Disclaimer** Success varies from patient to patient

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    Mole Removal San Diego FAQ

    What types of moles or lesions can be removed?
    The vast majority of moles and other lesions can be removed through one of several methods available to Dr. Mann. Moles of almost any size and shape can be removed from almost any body location. A consultation with Dr. Mann is required to determine the best removal technique and aftercare for your specific case. In very rare cases, Dr. Mann may refer you to a dermatologist for medical evaluation before you proceed with cosmetic mole removal.
    When should I have my moles evaluated?
    It is generally recommended that you have a skin examination as part of your annual physical. New or changing moles that show signs of cancer, are bleeding, are rapidly growing, or are becoming discolored should be evaluated immediately. At Mole Removal San Diego, every patient sees Dr. Mann for an in-depth skin consultation where he evaluates your mole and recommends the removal procedure that will be most effective for your specific case.
    What is the process to begin treatment with Mole Removal San Diego?
    All new patients begin with a detailed consultation with Dr. Peter Mann, where he examines your skin and makes a treatment recommendation based on your specific case. For patients who want to proceed with mole removal, we generally can perform the procedure on the same day as the consultation if desired. In the very rare case that Dr. Mann determines that a mole is cancerous or precancerous, patients are immediately referred to a medical dermatologist for evaluation. Please call or email our office to schedule your consultation!
    What medical procedures are used to remove moles at Mole Removal San Diego?
    At Mole Removal San Diego, Dr. Mann employs several effective mole removal techniques depending on the patient’s specific case. The most popular is called radiofrequency cauterization, where Dr. Mann “erases” the mole using radiofrequency energy and a cautery machine. This procedure is mostly painless and provides lasting, effective results for patients who follow Dr. Mann’s aftercare instructions. The benefits, risks, and aftercare of the procedure will be explained in depth during your consultation with Dr. Mann.
    Do the procedures hurt?
    Patients are given an injection of local anesthetic before the procedure. The medicine works in a small area around the mole or lesion itself, with no systemic side effects or drowsiness. After the injection, patients generally don’t feel anything. Rest assured, Dr. Mann himself performs 100% of the treatment and can adjust the amount of local anesthetic as needed.
    What happens after my procedure?
    Dr. Mann will explain your aftercare instructions in detail during the consultation and again immediately after the procedure. You will also be provided a printout with instructions on how to care for the wound immediately after the procedure. Scarring is generally minimal as long as Dr. Mann’s aftercare instructions are followed and the majority of patients are extremely satisfied with their results.