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Radiofrequency Mole Removal in San Francisco, CA

Do you have ugly moles on your skin? Nobody likes to have moles anywhere on their bodies because they appear as raised brown lesions easily mistaken for cancerous. The good news is that most moles are not cancerous, but the bad news is they’re unattractive.

Why do moles form on the skin in the first place? Studies show that moles form on people with fair skin the most. The reasons range anywhere from lousy genetics to regular sun exposure. When too many skin pigmentation deposits get lumped together on the upper layer of the skin, they create a mole. The size of the mole depends on how many deposits got clustered together. If you need specialized radiofrequency mole removal in San Francisco, CA, contact us today to schedule your consultation: (858) 750-9312

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Mole Removal: Before & After

You are probably eager to remove some or all of your moles. However, try to resist the temptation of removing the mole yourself because you could injure and permanently scar yourself if you do.

The safest and most effective way to remove a mole is to visit a professional cosmetic skin clinic, such as our San Diego clinic. We have sophisticated technology that allows us to remove a mole with minimal scarring and invasiveness. This revolutionary technology utilizes radiofrequency waves that target and destroy the clustered skin cells of each unwanted mole.

You won’t feel any pain from the procedure because the doctor will administer a local anesthetic to numb the affected skin area. Then you won’t feel any pain as the procedure is performed. Even though it is called surgery, it is just a minor surgery using energy rather than a blade. The doctor will use specific waveforms to avoid burning or searing the skin.

Radiofrequency mole removal techniques have a high success rate and cause minimal disruption to a patient’s daily life afterward. You may experience some minor redness where the mole got removed, but that will disappear within a few months. Most patients won’t see much scarring left behind either.

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Mole Removal San Diego is open to patients from all over California, including San Francisco. Since we offer the best quality mole removal services in the state, it is worth the drive and investment to visit our San Diego clinic to get the radiofrequency procedure. Our specialists are licensed professionals who have many years of customer service experience.

Visit our clinic and experience the magic we can work by removing your moles quickly and professionally. We know you won’t be disappointed. If you need specialized radiofrequency mole removal in San Francisco, CA, contact us today to schedule your consultation: (858) 750-9312

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