Things You Should Know Before Mole Removal

Some people may get used to the moles on their face or body. However, there are some cases where moles are just too annoying to leave where they are. You may find it necessary to have a mole removed for either cosmetic or medical reasons. Of course, most moles that form on the skin are not harmful or cancerous; they simply look unattractive. In this case, you need a good cosmetic surgeon to remove the mole for you. Never attempt to remove the mole yourself because it could spell disaster.

Below is some useful information that you should know prior to getting your mole removed.

Diagnosing a Mole

If you want to know if a mole on your body is normal or potentially cancerous, just examine its shape and size. Normal moles are just skin cells that are clustered together. They typically appear alone or with a few other moles around it. The shape should be symmetrical and no bigger than a pencil eraser. The color will be dark or light. On the other hand, a cancerous mole grows much bigger in size and has a distorted, asymmetrical shape. The color may even change too. If you notice this mole on your body, you need a medical professional to recommend the appropriate dermatologist.


The Mole Removal Procedure

The mole removal procedure is not as bad as it may sound. The surgeon will either apply a local anesthetic or topical numbing cream to the affected area. Their mole removal method depends on the mole itself. For instance, flat moles are generally shaved away with a scalpel. But if the mole is too big, then the surgeon may prefer to use a laser device to burn down the protruding mass until it is even with your skin. There shouldn’t be any long-term scarring afterward. The full results will be noticeable after a couple of weeks. This gives the skin enough time to rebuild its normal pigmentation.

things to know before mole removal

Mole Removal Before & After: Things to know before mole removal



If you are only removing a mole for cosmetic reasons, then medical insurance will not assist you with the cost. Some dermatology practices may offer these types of cosmetic surgeries or you can search for a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in mole removal surgeries. However, if your mole is deemed to be cancerous and a threat to your life and health, then medical insurance may cover some or all the costs. It depends on the coverage of your plan and the seriousness of the mole.

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