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Dermatologist or Cosmetic Surgeon for Mole Removal?

Noncancerous moles are not life-threatening or harmful in any way. However, many people still want to remove their moles because they are ugly and unattractive, especially when the moles are on facial skin. A dermatologist is a specialist that usually performs mole removal procedures because they specialize in skin care and treatment. You should visit a dermatologist if you need to remove small moles from your body. But a plastic surgeon may be a better option if you need to remove larger moles or moles on sensitive areas like your face. Call us at (858) 750-9312 to set up your appointment with Mole Removal San Diego today.

Mole removal procedures are performed in one of three ways:

Freezing for Mole Removal

Freezing the moles with liquid nitrogen is one popular removal method. The dermatologist applies the extremely cold liquid nitrogen to the mole on the skin tissue until the mole falls off. Blistering is a common symptom of this procedure, but it will heal in time. Dermatologists love to use the freezing option. The only downside is that the blistering could leave a small amount of scarring after it heals. That is why a plastic surgeon might be better at removing moles from your face because they can reduce scarring.

Burning for Mole Removal

Burning the moles is another removal method and the opposite of freezing. The dermatologist uses an electric wire to burn through and remove the top skin layers where the moles are located. Some dermatologists may use a laser rather than an electric wire, but the concept is still the same. Lasers are a modernized version of the burning method and help reduce scarring a lot more. You might experience some scabbing and light redness after the laser treatment, but the symptoms should diminish as time goes on. Burning is only suitable for removing moles that have not grown deep into the subdermal layers of the skin.

Surgery for Mole Removal

mole removal dermatologistTechnically, a dermatologist has the skills to perform surgical mole removal with a scalpel. But if you want to keep scarring to a minimum, it would be better to visit a plastic surgeon to get the procedure done. Plastic surgeons specialize in performing deep incisions safely and productively. If your moles are on sensitive areas of your face, such as the eyelids or mouth, you may have no choice but to get surgery. It is the best chance of reducing scarring on sensitive areas and eliminating moles that have grown deep into your skin. In addition, your plastic surgeon can perform a skin resurfacing procedure to reduce scarring as much as possible.

Consult Our Mole Removal Specialists

Would you like to consult a physician regarding the moles on your skin? Mole Removal San Diego has a team of specialists who can examine your moles and determine the best ways to remove them with minimal or no scarring left behind. Call us at (858) 750-9312 to set up your appointment with Mole Removal San Diego today.

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