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Skin Tag Removal On Neck

Skin tags on the neck are more common than you might think. The good news is they are not cancerous or harmful to you in any way. The bad news is they are not attractive or sightly. When you see a skin tag on your neck, it is like a small bump the same color as your skin. It comprises various natural elements of your body, such as collagen fibers, fats, and maybe even blood vessels and nerve cells in some cases. An abundance of one or more of these natural elements accumulating on your neck will cause a skin tag to form. It starts small but could grow larger if it incurs long-term pressure or friction. That is why dermatologists don’t recommend you touch or pick at the skin tag because it may cause it to become larger and more irritated. Some health studies have linked the formation of skin tags to specific health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and pregnancy. Again, the skin tags are not a danger to your health, but they may cause you to feel embarrassed due to their unattractive appearance. If you need skin tag removal on your neck in San Diego, give us a call to schedule your appointment: (858) 750-9312

Learn More About Skin Tag Removal on Your Neck

skin tag removal on neck

You are not required to remove skin tags to live a long and healthy life because they don’t cause you any physical harm. However, they may cause you emotional distress if you cannot mentally tolerate having one or more skin tags on your neck. You should seek our professional skin tag removal services if this is your situation. Never attempt to remove skin tags yourself because you risk injuring yourself and making your skin tag larger. Instead, call upon the professional skin tag removal services of Mole Removal San Diego because we have safe and effective methods of removing skin tags without causing you harm. You may get tempted to try a home remedy to remove the skin tags on your neck, such as ligation bands, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and home freezing kits. But there isn’t much scientific data to verify the effectiveness of these home remedies. So, it is better to stick with professional removal of your skin tags at our facility in San Diego.

Some of the typical professional methods of skin tag removal on the neck are as follows:

  • Cryotherapy – Applying liquid nitrogen to the skin tag to freeze it off
  • Electrocautery – Burn off the skin tag with an electric needle or probe device
  • Surgical Excision – Using a scalpel or scissors to cut off the skin tag from the surface

A cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist can recommend the best option for your particular skin tag removal needs. Surgery is usually the last resort if you have extra large skin tags growing on your neck. But if your skin tags are small, cryotherapy or electrocautery may be more suitable for you.

Of course, the first step is to schedule an appointment to visit Mole Removal San Diego for an examination. We will evaluate the skin growths on your neck to confirm they are skin tags and not some other skin condition. If it turns out your skin growths have colors, bleeding, pain, or other symptoms uncommon for skin tags, then you may have another health condition that your primary care physician should diagnose. If you need skin tag removal on your neck in San Diego, give us a call to schedule your appointment: (858) 750-9312

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