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Can a Mole Return After It Is Removed?

When you get a mole removed from your skin by a dermatologist, you might think that is the end of everything. The mole is gone, and you can go about your life while never worrying about the mole ever again. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, this is not a realistic assumption. It is possible for a mole to return after it has been removed. It is highly unlikely in most cases, though. The only way a mole can return is if a few mole cells still exist in the skin after the mole was removed. Mole cells can cause the mole to regrow on the skin into its original shape and size.

Do not assume that mole regrowth is a sign of cancer. Noncancerous moles have the same chance of regrowth as cancerous moles do. To prevent a mole from growing back, the entire thing must be removed. This means that your dermatologist must go into the deeper layers of skin and remove the underlying base of the mole as well. You can only get this done by electing for an invasive surgical procedure.

The two main types of mole removal procedures are shave excision and surgical excision. The people who elect to get the shave excision procedure are usually the ones who experience mole regrowth because the doctor does not go deep into the skin. They only cut off the mole at the skin surface line, which leaves its underlying base intact.

Those mole cells underneath the skin surface are basically like seeds that cause the mole to regrow like a tree. You need to elect to get the surgical excision if you want to remove these cells from underneath the skin. Once you do that, you should not experience any more regrowth of your mole.

If you’re dealing with a cancerous mole, it is better to go to your doctor as quickly as possible and get it removed surgically. Even though it causes more scarring, it is worth it in the end.

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