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Mole Removal Before and After

A mole is a skin abnormality, a mass of skin cells that can appear in your early twenties on any part of the body and are more prevalent in individuals 40 and over. Moles are mostly harmless, however, if you find an oddly shaped mole on your body, the recommendation is to see a dermatologist. Mole Removal San Diego specializes in moles and mole removal when necessary. If you need mole removal or skin tag removal, give us a call today to schedule your appointment: (858) 750-9312

There are a few ways a person can develop moles on their skin and a common way is excessive sun exposure. Excessive sun exposure can create dysplastic moles, irregular shaped moles that are benign but leads to increased risk of melanoma. Genetics also plays a part in developing moles on the skin. Some individuals naturally have a high amount of melanoma and this results in numerous moles on the skin.

Normally harmless, but if the new moles on your skin look odd or different from your older moles, we recommend further examination of these new moles. Ask yourself these five simple questions regarding the appearance of your moles and if you answer ‘yes’ to any we recommend making an appointment with your dermatologist or with Mole Removal San Diego.

1. Does your mole look different on one side compared to the other half?

2. Does the outline of the mole look irregular or different from the other moles on your skin?

3. Does the mole have different colors like brown, black, tan, white, red or blue?

4. Does the mole appear to be larger than a green pea?

5. Does the mole appear to change size or shape over time?

mole removal before afterA dermatologist is the only one that can determine if a mole is cancerous. The mole will be examined thoroughly by the dermatologist, and if found to be abnormal, a tissue sample will be collected for further testing. If the lab finds the sample to be cancerous, arrangements must be made to have the entire mole removed along with surrounding areas on the skin. This is to reduce and/or eliminate the cancerous cells in the body. Mole Removal San Diego has experience with cancerous mole removals and its after care treatment.

There are five ways to remove moles, but the best treatment option should be discussed with your dermatologist as the location and size of the mole are important factors. Listed below are the five options:

Cryotherapy: Liquid Nitrogen is used on noncancerous moles that lie directly on the surface

Shave Excision: Medical grade razor or an electrode device is used to remove the mole

Punch Removal: Medical grade punch tool is used to apply pressure to the skin and twist until all layers of the skin have been cut through

Surgical Excision: Medical grade scalpel is used to slice away the mole along with the subcutaneous fat layer. Stitches will be required afterwards

Laser Mole Removal: A laser is used to absorb cells and eliminate mole tissue. This ray of light is used on sensitive and difficult to reach areas.

Your dermatologist will discuss with you everything you need to know and do before your procedure. Scars are a possibility depending on the size and location of the mole, however, Mole Removal San Diego specializes in mole removal and takes the extra step to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible. Before your chosen procedure, the mole and skin will be cleaned thoroughly and a numbing agent will be applied.

Like with most procedures, infections are possible. However, if you follow the aftercare guidelines and use a reputable dermatologist like Mole Removal San Diego, the possibility of infections are greatly reduced. Scarring is very possible with these types of procedures and Mole Removal San Diego takes every step needed to minimize scarring. Recovery time varies and depends on your age, health and the size mole removed. On average, the recovery process takes 2 – 3 weeks. Following the after care instructions are vital to a speedy and minimal scarring recovery. If you need mole removal or skin tag removal, give us a call today to schedule your appointment: (858) 750-9312

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